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OK, One night out of the blue I was on the High way and My car stated to run lean under boost... (14.0) I immediately let off and was puzzled.... Needless to say I checked everything ..FPR, Intank pumps, Fuel Ecu, AFC wiring, etc.....

It turned out to be a Cracked VPC in line Filter.... Some of you may not have these on your set up but, they do come with the Vpc's....If you don't have them, GOOD! If you do have them...I recomend you take them out or install better ones...

Mine was Cracked at the seam so you couldn't see it...I took it out and conected it direct and I was back on boost at 11.0 a/r.. =) :rockon:

I hope this helps someone, cause this one was a PAIN IN THE ASS!!! all for a damn Filter!!!

Now where's that damn bike I was about to run that night? :biggrin:
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