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Weird popping sound when I brake. Whats up.

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I have a stock 94 TT 6 sp and whenever I start to brake and I am almost stopped, I hear this single POP sound. Only a light pop, not that noticeable but I want to know whats up. The car is under warranty so if there is something wrong, it should be no problems fixing it but I was wondering if I can benefit from anyones expertise.



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i noticed that one time when i was test driving a 6spd also, only happened once, but i was already fully stopped, and bout a sec later i hear this pop like it was a spring or something....can someone please shed some light on this also as im pretty curious as to what that noise is....
hey bro, could you crop your sig/pic down some? that size is overkill.

by the way, that exhaust looks badass on your supra. which exhaust is it?
Does the streering wheel vibrate at all or do you feel as if the break pedal is trying to kick back at all?
popping sound

Sup everybody,

The exhaust is Apex GT SPEC and I dont feel any vibration on steering wheel or any resistance from the brake pedal. Everything on the car feels smooth and solid as hell except for the damn single light pop as I brake.

Thanks guys

Might be the motor mount or suspension bolt not torque to spec.

Sorry but I can't think of much.

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It's definitely either suspension-related or a motor mount.
i dont think its a really motormount related simple b/c the engine has no load on it, it really sound more of like a suspension thing,
It's a bad motor mount. Check the tech articles. (it's under front end popping noise)

I hear a pop when I turn my steering wheel left to right while sitting still. Is that caused by a bad motor mount? I had another suspension noise that was irritating the crap out of me. It was a broken front stabilizer bar bracket. Cost me $9 to fix.
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