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it only happens when I have been driving the car for a while.
I have BPU++ FMIC, AFC, and HKS SS BOV. I heard that this happens because of the HKS BOV but I want to make sure I am not hurting my car! Some times the sputter in unbareable and it only seems to happen around 3k and 4k rpm, and I am still in sequential and was wondering if it happens at these times because of the transitions in the engine, going from no turbo to #1 spooling around 3k and then the #2 spooling around 4k.

Is there any way to eliminate this?

Would adding my old stock BOV in combination to the HKS SS BOV do the trick?

I would like to understand why this hapening, so if you can also expalin what is going on I would appreciate it.
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