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Yeah guys.. No N/A for me:(....I might end up with the TT Supra for $18,000 or 19,000:)....This is what it has:

Black Supra TT:
-Black leather
-60,000k miles
-targa top
-17 inch momo wheels
-Clean title/never had no accidents/ no scratches/perfect as can be
-Bone Stock
-Basicly everything

Dang good deal huh...My friends brother his a car sales man and one of the top guys he gonna hook me up GOOD...The car is worth $28,000 but I'm getting a big dicount from him cause he knows people and got the inside stuff....:D

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Sorry man,

I'm taking this dream, this is a crazy deal for the TT Supra...For this price $18k or $19k I'm the one could only have it cause I'm bestfriends with his younger brother(my homie)...:D
If I change my mind I'll tell RCGsupra or e-mail you...But you will probably get for $28k-30k if he sells it to you.....
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