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Well just how strong are our cars??ive got an idea

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Dave, remember how i told you the nos was spraying too much fuel in well i kinda found out why. We were taking the lines off the nozzle (which ill have pics of early next week) so we get the lines off and start lookin for the jets well we look for a min or two and dont see anything. Well i call my friend who did the nozzle (he has nos himself) he said it was the brass fittings that go into the nozzle. well we pull those off and i still dont see any numbers on the fittings. Im like WTF the the jets have got to be here somewhere. Luckily we were at the local dumbestic perf shop and i know the owner so he takes a glance at it and says "you have been spraying with no jets" at that point we were all like How the HELL i did not blow anything up. so basically i was spraying to what the nozzle was limited to and got really lucky that ive got a really hefty fuel pump spraying too much fuel :D So to answer the question: "Well just how strong are our cars??" reeeeeegoddamndiculusly strong
spray away guys ;)

on a side note my jets will be here monday :D i cant wait
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Im a lil confused here were you sprayin NOS or fuel into your engine? Also if it was NOS wouldnt you kinda feel say o i dont know 450 horses and apposed to 120 i mean damn dude that had to SLAM you back in your seat and i know our engines are strong but the injectors would have a tough time keepin up with that much of a shot. Or was it sprayin too much Fuel in your engine and you were running really rich. Anyway man im glad to hear your car didnt blow up i know the NOS is the most sensitve to that kinda stuff but iron block aluminum heads and internals that can handle on the ups of 700 horses is definately a good thing about our cars :). SO tell me how badass is the NOS how much do you like it? How much did you test it before ans stuff im curious because i was thinkin of a direct port system but i dont know might just go straight to boost. Anyway tell me your adventures in NOS.
dry kit - a nozzle is place infront of the maf and N02 is sprayed, the maf reads the n02 like its extra air and makes the injectors compensate. Good as far as your injetors will go.

wet kit - nozzle is after the maf. n02 and fuel is sprayed so the injectors are out the picture.

the kit he has is a dual stage 150 shot(75/75) so its a 4 into 1(2 fuel/2 N02) nozzle. the nozzle had 4 brass fittings which reduced the nitrous and fuel a lil bit so it was as sever as it could have been.
i was spraying both fuel and nitrous in at the same time (its a wet kit as Olympic Pace Car said) luckily i upgraded the fuel pump so it was spraying more fuel than nitrous. I cant really tell you how the final outcome is going to feel until monday when i get the jets in. All i can say right now is with no jets and in 1st gear HOLY SHIT!!! it spun for about 15-20 feet, hooked, and i was PLANTED in the seat. I watched the tach fly from ~3000rpm to 7000rpm in only a second if that even
LOL shit dude i can tell you i know those kits are capable of somewhere around 450 horses so if you had no jets chances are somewhere around there coulda been what you felt but i dont know our injectors are only 330s i believe and if it was that much gettin sprayed you woulda had more NO2 then Fuel but i am reall not sure how much it would be. I just know on powerhouse they advertise the direct port kit goes from 120 to 450 i mean shit hitting at 450 that has to lauch you back into your seat. But if you got wet kit it could be like up over 200 i think i just want to get that HOLY SHIT!!! feeling to my car hehe. Good luck with the jets dont kill yourself or the engine.
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