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Went to the [email protected][email protected]!

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nothing compared to the big singles out there but...

BTW this was in CA. the land of crappy gas.

finally went to the dyno again.

420rwhp 445rwhtq

~405rwhp at redline


100k miles on stock pea shooters
stock ic
stock airbox
pump gas
no dyno tricks (icing, etc etc)

rmm dp
hallman mbc
apex n1

100k miles and im damn [email protected][email protected]

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That is unreal for pump gas! :eek: :eek: :eek: Congratulations! The numbers were corrected, right?

Pretty serious stuff! :)
Very impressive numbers. Looks like u are stric BPU too, that is great. :eek:
also.. i have a [email protected] drop in filter.. gave atleast 150hp! :D


[ March 08, 2001: Message edited by: CMKIV ]
What PSI were you running

dropped to 1.3kg/cm2 @ redline
God... i hope i get #'s like that. I'm worried because of the 100k on the motor. I'm shooting for 400 rwhp, 400 rwtq. I hope... i hope... :) Congratulations.. your news is reassuring to me.
correction factor?
dyno chart?
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