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What all do I need to know about goin single?

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I am finally going single! But with a small ass turbo so I dont need to upgrade fuel or to a FMIC any time soon.

Thanks in advance. Cory
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The turbo is a Tso4 with a .70 a/r and I am curious about the boost the turbo and my car can handle with stock fuel and stock SMIC ?
Any special installation processes i should know before taking on this kit?What type of HP and torqe figures should I expect with the TSO4 with a .70 a/r? Can a SP- 63 fit in the RPS turbo kit? ANd last .....What kind of spool up time should I expect over stock twins, a little more,a little tiny bit more etc.?

Thanks again

Don't listen to them.. All you need is a CAR and MONEY before going to a single. if someone tells you something else they are lying.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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