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what are the factory struts?

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So I was beginning to take apart my suspension, to swap the springs (red supra springs are cut horribly) on the sups I got, when I noticed on the maroon beast, the struts said "toyota 293939<---some number I can't recall, then KYB"
My maroon has tems btw.
Then on the new red 89, it said "toyota 24857<---once again a number I don't remember, then TOKICO"
This car also has tems...I think. No tems controller, nor ecu. but it does has the switch, and gauge cluster to match(which is originall). so whats the deal? are stock struts made by kyb and tokico? or have I stumbled upon upgraded suspension which I never felt or noticed?
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well if the struts dont have actuator motors on top of them, thier is no tems.
oh yeah, I meant to mention that. The red one has none. I think someone took them out and sometime during the cars life. It was passed around as a parts car sorta. Still, who makes factory struts, and if I have performance struts somehow is my main point of curiosity.
Stock Tems struts are supposedly made by KYB.. that would explain the KYB markings :D
If your struts are light blue, red or white then they are aftermarket. Black is stock.
When I had my Blue 87 NA, which eventually Mikido got his hands on.... Mikido thought about swaping the red 89 to TEMs from my navy blue 87. We took the switch but never got around to doing the rest. I think the Suspension from the 89, might have been from the 87, which Mikido would have done before I bought it from him, but I'm not sure.

Hope that helps some, I'm pretty sure thats the bottom of the line MK3 sadly, no TEMs, no LSD , na, automatic... luckily you have all the goodies from your 89 Turbo that you need.
Black is stock only if they are not aftermarket HKS struts. I have a rare pair of HKS struts when HKS used to make them for our cars.

KYB was the OEM for the non-tems struts, tokico is the only one to have made the tems struts....
you sure...? I thought Tokico only made the aftermarket tems and KYB were the stocks.. and at the top of the post it does say he had tems struts with Toyota KYB written on them..
the OEM shocks for an 88 w/ TEMS are KYB.
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