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Search is your friend:

I found it in the threads with a quick search... took me less than 3min... paypal me some cash lol....

Here is the info... and by the way.. if you took AC off did you run the PS or take that off too.. that info is needed to get the correct belt.

the ac delete mod - its routed exactly as it was before the mod, just there is no AC pulley so you run alternator, crank pulley, water pump, power steering

the belt length is 73.5 inches so find one thats about that length
you just use a piece of string to get your length aka take it around all the puleys and then measure it...if you removed the ac and the power steering use a 39.5

Here is the Napa Part #: 25-060747 for that belt...^^^

Here is the thread on how to remove AC with pix and belt info

So no A/C, no compressor on the side of the motor, and still running Power Steering. You needs a Gates Belt .

The Short belt to delete your A/C is:


That is a Napa part number, but it works just as good.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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