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I am wondering what engine crap can be removed and still have the engine run right?

i know egr, ac but what else?


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a battery after start, filter (wouldnt be smart) oil(would run then we know the results) windshield washer fluid thingy(damn i keep forgetting these small little names!!!!) ur cam gear cover..thas all i can think about for right now

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wow, where do i start?

ok, all the manifold braces,
chacol canister
cold start coolant sensor
cold start injector
idle air valve
intake filter assembly
remake ic piping
coil pack cover
timming belt cover
clutch fan
the motor vibration dampner
cruise control
egr cooler
fuel pressure and egr Vsvs
fan shourd
coolant hoses from tb to idle air valve
most of the sensors on teh inner fender
tems covers and actuators
relocate batter (it will not run after the car is started)

im sure im forgetting a few things
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