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what clutch

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what clutches are you guys running in 600-700whp cars ? i want one that has a decent pedal feel simular to the carbon/carbon but not as expensive what do you guys think?
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cc feel equals cc....I have the hpf bronze clutch, it holds fine, but I'll be switching to cc soon ;)
why are there a bunch of carbon/carbons for sale in the classified?
Whats cc? Who makes that?
cc= carbon carbon...The rps twin carbon and the carbonetics triple carbon seem to be getting some pretty good press right now....not sure why the clutches are for sale...
I just bought HPF's kit with the ACT HP pressure plate, and their 6 puck disk. We'll see how it turns out. Dave, over there, gave me a real good deal.
I have the WOTM single disk and im pretty happy with it.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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