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I was wondering what would an BPU Auto supra be capable of doing in the 1/4 and how much hp do you think it might be capable of on the dyno.

The Mods are:

Blitz SUS Intake
Tanabe Down Pipe
Greddy PE Exhaust
High flow cat
Apexi S-afc
Fields Hyper SFC
SP fuel system
SP Intake manifold
GForce ECU
Greddy oil cooler kit
Fluidyne radiator
HKS twin power ignition
High output Alternator upgrade
Unorthodox cam gears
Unorthodox underdrive racing pulleys
Greddy 3 row FMIC
Blitz DS Boost controller
HKS type 01 turbo timer
EGR block off plate
SP built trans w/4k stall convertor
Hks 264/272 cam shaft
Hks Drag coilovers
BFG 315/35 Drag raidials

Is there anything i would or would not need on this list?

Thank you


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Crazy list...just take your time on your car! Oh, you dont' need multiple fuel controllers...only 1 is suffice! Try learning a bit more about each mod also so you don't waste your money!

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Spool....Thanks for the Info, i just wanted to make sure the car will be running perfect.

Supra6spd.... I was just installing those mods so when i purchase
the SP78 i won't have to do any other mods and have to wait longer for it.

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the turbo timer should add 60 horse to the wheels...I guess if you really wanted you can hook up 2 fuel controllers for micro tuning ;)


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Im thinking that i should just go BPU and then get the head work, Fuel system,Intake manifold, and SP tranny and some of the other parts listed for now ( Im not getting the GCC,Hyper SFC,Greddy oil cooler kit, or the HKS cams yet ) and just get the other parts later on when im ready to go single....

Someone told me that it would be in the 500+ rwhp range and that might be mid to low 11's in the 1/4.

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Talk to Dusty at MVP Motorsports. He'll hook you up. I would consider going single with that kind of wishlist.

I've got a SP60 .70 A/R and love it. I had some problems with a .58 A/R, but according to Lance at Toyomoto it was due to a defective turbo. The .70 A/R feels a hell of a lot better and puts down a lot more power.


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I might end up going single like a month or so after.

You can use the stock fuel system with the SP57 and the SP60 right? Im glad you got that fixed though. How much HP is she making now?

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