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:D Hey Guys, What Do you Really Like about Your MKII/ And what do you not like about it?

My Like list: For an '85 this Car handle's really well, It's different,
It look's good, It was pretty cheap to buy, It's decently quick for it's age, and considering i Only Paid $1,400 for it couldn't ask for much

Dislike's: Almost NO Aftermarket, Need to cure a couple rattle's, need to fix the rear brake's, The Original 5M-GE with 183,000 mile's is a litttle tired need to get somthing fresher put in.....
and I wish it could transform into an awsome MKIV, GOD I LOVE MKIV's lol....Just trying to keep this board going..

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I'll steal Wade's format. :)

- oversteer (hanging the rear-end out is too much fun)
- good torque at speed (balanced torque, hp numbers)
- stunning good looks (with the exception of the rear)
- the look of the stock rims
- reliability and ease of maintanance
- cost (at $2700 if I wreck it I can just get another)

- 14" rims (I like how they look though) and commensurate tire locating problems
- the rear of the car
- lifter noise ("ticking")
- leaky cam tower seals
- poor gas mileage
- poor speaker staging

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Hrm, Quick you should be getting good milage like at least 25mpg unless you got a heavy foot.

Oh ya and my favorite dislike would be anything having to do with the wiring or anything having to do with taking out the dash.

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Has "Super Sleeper" capability.
One word...DRIFT!
7" wide wheels STOCK
Big steering wheel.
Good looking body.
Flip-up headlights.
The ability to Turbo(5M)
The ability to swap(7M :))

The seats!(always make my back hurt on long trips)
Speaker locations.
140 HP stock.
Honda's asking, "is it turbo?" then having to tell them no.
8 foot longer shifter.
8 MM offset.
That ticking noise.
White smoke!
However, most of these things will be fixed soon.

Overall, I am very pleased with my MKII. I wouldn't trade for anything except an MKIV. :)

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watching guys with $35K+ BMWs trying to keep up!
Smoking "muscle cars"
Sleeper status

Lack of aftermarket
Inability to tune ECU
Lack of corrosion protection


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Heres my list

The looks, except from the rear.
The seats, body hugging in the turns
Cheap, sorta
Faster than most brand new cars
11 psi!

The nasty 8mm offset
Weird tyre size, 225/60/14
Being 18 yrs old all the stuff I haven't replaced is breaking!
Money hungry

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Retro styling, hard lines, engineering, ease of maintenence, flexibilty for modifications mild and wild.


No cup holder.

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-Cheap/fast ratio
-Having the Hondas go WTF?!?!?
-front/side appearance


-Lack of aftermarket parts
-rear end
-ticking from lifters
-lack of muffler (oops....)

My favorite part is beating all the smaller ricers locally. NEVER
Lost a freeway race.

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smooth refined ride
neutral handling
too many little cool features
friggen awesome seats
beautiful lines(I feel bad for the CelicaXX owners - the P-type rules)
potential for killer power(with swap of course =)

damn hatch noises
ass squat(eibach will fix that)
fogging in the winter
that toyota didn't turbo the 5M from the start
oh and no ABS...would be nice b/c I have spun quite a few times =)

Honestly, the Mk2 supra was the first and only car I have ever wanted... Saw it and fell in love... and now I have two. One is a fast rusty brown 84 and the other is a mint blue 82 with a dying motor(future 7M or 2Jz swap).

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My Likes and Dislikes

Likes: The 4 wheel Independent suspension, front and rear discs, the cool lookin 80's hi-tech Supra steering wheel

Dislikes: The rust, the 265,000 reading on the odometer, my interior(ya its ripped apart),and how my hood has no prop to keep it up :mad:

Most like of all: The 250 dollar price tag

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What I love :)
Beautiful Body style.. It just looks cool!
Spoiler, airdam & wheel flares
Good-looking stock rims
Handles well
Flip-up headlights
Rare car
Bulletproof engine
Low end torque & good acceleration
Low gearing makes for decent 0-60 times
Easy to work on
Easy to convert to 7MGTE (don't know from experience but I will soon)

What I dislike (hate is a bit extreme) :(
Parts are getting hard to find
Very little ater-market parts
Rust-prone rear hatch
Front wiper motors seem to fail a lot
Climate control is poorly designed
Tiny, crappy OEM speakers

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Likes: handling, styling, bulge in hood, fender flares, decent power

Dislikes: black rear hatch, 14 in rims, could use more hp

I sold my 86.5 N/A to get this 82 P-type and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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57000miles? That is sooo nice - is the car still in near mint condition? I picked up a mint 82 last year but with 140xxx miles and a sad engine....

You planning any upgrading?

Also, do you know if there will be a Midwest MKII meet next year?


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The car looks brand new minus 2 small rust spots, one by the gas cap and one in the drivers door jam. The only performance upgrades I've done is the aaron garney intake and a flowmaster muffler. It's light blue with a dark blue interior. I paid $4,500 for it. Also, I don't if there is a mid-west meet or not.


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what i like

stock rims
hard body lines
flip lights
handling (rear wheel drift is always fun)
the ability to eat a 96 nonturbo dsm
eating my ex girlfriends new boyfriends mustang
160k+miles and no maintenance except clutch
seats with the pump up lumbar support
ability to sway for the 7m motor, maybe soon if money comes
no rust except where some moron scratched the sunroof

the truck like steering wheel
long shift
hearing people talk shi? because of the age
it's been in the shop for a month to get the clutch done, im very mad

2JZ Mk2
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-clean timeless styling
-nice driving feel
-easy to work on
-comfortable interior
-flexible trunk
-overall vehicle quality

-rear trailing arm suspension (bad toe & camber control)
-weak differential
-only a 130mph speedo!
-factory speaker sizes
-could uses a half inch more headroom
-a lot of factory parts are now discontinued


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the friggin 85mph speedo pisses me off sooo much every time i look at it what the hell was toyota thinking in 82'. other than that its the most reliable best looking car ever and i really love my sunshade thingy on the rearwindow, how eighties-esque.

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