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What basics should you have to tune your sup to go to the dyno?
Adj Cam gears
Boost Guage
A/F guage
What else?
Too lazy for the search button.. its 1.00 am or so my computer says....

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Nothing really... Depends if you actually want to tune or just get numbers base line or whatever.

I would say that FPR is much better then 550/s-afc /lexus combo because if you need to add fuel for the higher boost you will lower fuel cut due to the signal change. If you get a FPR you just raise pressure which addes fuel but keeps FCO at same place.

A/F gauge not needed.. useless anyways compaired to W/B o2

Figure out what you want to do then get the parts needed to do it...

There is only 2 things you do on a dyno

1. Get a HP number / tq number
2. tune....

The only thing you really tune is fuel/timing

So if you want to go and tune for the 2 of them well get what you need... Fuel you'll need some sort of fuel management device or many of them... for timing obviously CPS needs to be adjusted... Cam gears can be tuned ect..

If you want high boost race fuel is a must..

This isn't rocket sicence.

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Most dynos I have been to have charged anywhere from 75-150 bucks an hour depending on what they are going to be doing. If you are just doing some pulls to see what it makes, then it will be on the cheaper end of that estimate. If you are doing tuning, then it will be on the high side. The tuning that was done on my car back when I had an AFC was 250-300 bucks. Luckily he didnt' charge by the hour. Some place will charge a lump sum for tuning or they will do it by the hour. It all depends on the place. But as said before, have all your ducks in a row and ready to go quick to keep the costs down as much as possible.
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