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what do you think of the color white?

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what do you think of the color white? I found a white supra, 5-speed leather blah blah blah.. anyways I'm not a fan of white at all. But then again I have been looking for a surpa for soooo long. I was really wanting red or black. Should I go for the white one anyway? Or do you think i could possibly find another n/a supra with less than 75k red or black for under 15K? let me know what you think. thanks guys!
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do you have any more pics?? I want to see more!
white is easier to maintain paint-wise and seems to always look clean.

my mkiv is black. its a pain in the ass to maintain but damn, it looks badass because of the gloss.
just by looking at the rear of your car makes me want to buy a black one hands down. Damn i want a supra.
If it's in excellent condition get it. White can be highlighted with transfers etc if you want a different look. Black, gold, silver or whatever rims will work. Think of it as a clean canvas.:cool:
I like white because it is easier to maintain. I have to wash my black supra every 3 or 4 days to keep it shiny. White is a great color. But to be honest with you.....I would wait for what you really want. There is nothin worse than rushin into something and a couple of months later you wish you had the black or red one. I almost settled for an auto but i'm glad I waited. (athought it is a little easier to change the color than the tranny)
A warning about those white ones

not sure if it was on this forum, but the mailing list i believe.
a word of warning about the white ones. they used a different primer than that of the other colored supra, so the white would look good. apparantly its not as rust proof, specifically around the rear window. to u guys who have em, go check...look under the sealer at the bottom of the hatch window((my cars black and has black rubberish stuff around the window)) use a fingernail to lift it up and just check, hopefully you'll be fine...about 60% (my guess from the responses on the mailing list)) have encountered this problem. water tends to pool in those areas due to the supra's ducktailed rear end.
not saying dont get a white one..just saying you should know this...and check before buying one. it is preventable...but in most cases..its also probable. :eek:
good luck
thanks alot guys for your in put. I think the guy is asking to much for it though. Well its about 2k over book price. I think i might hold off to see if i can find a black or a red one. Again thanks guys for your ideas!!!
Mazx6 said:
thanks alot guys for your in put. I think the guy is asking to much for it though. Well its about 2k over book price. I think i might hold off to see if i can find a black or a red one. Again thanks guys for your ideas!!!
2k over book is pretty much normal. especially after the fast and the furious.i payed 18k for a 93.5 supra w/39000 miles. book was like between 15,600 and 16,500...i cant remember which oen...
but if you do go for for that rust...
But see the thing is i have found supra right after they sold go for almost nothing. there was 1994 red, tagra, tan leather 75k on it and it went for 9K. :eek: . I wish i had called ealier. There was a guy in my town that had a 1995 red, baics, 5-speed, 54k on it and it went for 14.5Kk those are the kinda # and milage i'm wanting to spend. Plus I'm going to wait on a black or a red one for right now;)
must be more of them out your way. im one of oh....about 6 ive ever seen in my life
yea i hope there is more out there. I have been posting ads here, looking on, and ( almost pointless). I have recived a few E-mails but some have not replyed back yet (its only been a day) so i'm hoping I'll find one some where in the E_mails. I work at a place called Auto Tech Services where we do a "before you buy inspection" and the owner of the shop said where ever I located a supra he could have one of his guys in what ever town have it check out for me. SO i;ll pretty much go anywhere. here is a link to my shops web page:

I'm pretty new so my name and pic is not up yet. But i am responsible for the performance part of the job:D
i like white... especially pearl white ;) ... wanna buy my car? it has ONLY 109k miles...heheh.
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