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what does a good rust free body go for?

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this question is for all of you guys FAR AWAY from the rust belt...preferably in the western states. how much does a descent mk3 shell go for around you guys and how easy are they to find? i thought i had a local body swap lined up but that kinda fell through so im thinking about making a trip in springtime(already have a trailer lined up) to come down and get one. if it comes down to it(which it might) im thinking of paying someone to find a body for me....
my current body just isnt worth putting any money whatsoever started its life in quebec and the salt got to it early....and yeah the inner rear fenders are eaten pretty badly...

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iveseen them go from 500-1500$ dependong what was included...
You should check out what car I have for sale in the mk3 for sale section.... you would fall in love!!!!!
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