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TurboRed said:
Well, over the winter myself and lucky for me my neighbor is a 20 year veteran toyota mechanic...we will be giving the car the 60k mile overhaul.
The main things I know to do are the timing belt, crank seal, other front engine seals, water pump, and serpentine belt. The part I had a question on is whether or not I need to check valve clearance?

The other part is the tranny is coming out...installing an RPS turbo clutch (stage 3)...but I have a small leak from the front tranny seal, and another from the rear diff...very slow leaks but was wondering where I should do the tranny seals as well? and how big of a deal is it to do this?

Any help would be great...or if anyone has the link for the tranny seal part #'s would be awesome as well.

I know if you go to the dealer it includes a major ass ramming.

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