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i've got some 72lbs/hr accel fuel injectors and i'm wondering which fuel rail i can use with them. will hks fit or how about the phr? any suggestions?

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Lar, your rail takes "normal" Bosche style injectors? If so that's sweet! Is there a particular manufacturer that you prefer? Is there any other advantage to dumping the side style injectors other than availability? HKS uses a larger side inlet style then? I may have found a used HKS w/injectors but the ability to run larger more avilable Bosh units might be better. Requires a wiring harness mod for the Bosche too - yes? Heh, don't suppose your rail comes in a cool purple does it? :D

Appreciate any info - am considering stockpiling parts as I find them for a fuel upgrade and am looking ahead to going single in the somewhat near(ish) future ;)

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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