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What hp to run 10.5- 11 sec 1/4

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What hp does a supra need to run to be able to run 10.5 to low 11 sec on the 1/4 mile.
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With an auto about 570rwhp could get you about 10.2. That is with a great driver like Mark Cooper though. For a six speed it is probably more reliant on driver than power. For a good driver its probably around ~600rwhp to get into the 10's with a six-speed.


BPU w/ nos = ~550hp = ~ 11.2's

2 RIP,

Are you talking about 550rwhp or crank horsepower? Cause I thought most BPU cars at max were at about 420-430rwhp. So to get 550, you would need over a 100 shot of NOS. Seems like a lot of NOS to me.

What will a car with 500rwhp run, without NOS?
My friend made 436rwhp/475rwtq at BPU+ and then 550rwhp/640rwtq with 100 shot of NOS. Remeber you not only get the NOS but your boost goes up when you hit the NOS. I think he hit something like 22psi when he was on the NOS. BTW he ran 11.29 at 128mph hitting the NOS at the top of second gear.

Later, Steve
Jedi404 said:
Is that with the AZ correction factor included? :D :D :D
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