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What intake options for TT

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I was wondering what my intake options were for my 97 TT6spd. Ideally I wan to get a cone type filter and polished/chrome pipes that connect to where the stock intake used to be.

My concern is if I remove the stock intake then what do I do with the MAF sensor? I would need a VPC correct? I want to let my turbos breath a little easier but I don't want ot have to spend +$1000 to do this.

Any kits available?

Enrique M.
97 TT 6spd
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99% of all the intakes dusty sells work with the stock maf sensor

i hav e and like the apexi unit but its hard to find and expensive if you can getthe k&n drop in filter it will work just as good im sure!
Im using the TRD drop in Filter, its cheap, easy and works well.
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