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Does anyone know how hard this swap is to perform. I've always been interested in the power so easily attainable by the 2JZ, that I want to swap one into a Cressida.

I've seen the videos on youtube and have used the search function, but so far I've only found people that have done it (mostly 1JZ's), not anyone that's written a write-up or the requirements of what parts you need.

Is the swap a complete bolt-up? What extra parts would I need to source out for the swap. Also will an Aristo or Supra tranny bolt up to the Cressida? Will the stock 2JZ motor mounts bolt up, or will they have to be fabricated?

Also does anyone know if the Cressida came with LSD, or where I could source out an LSD for one.

Thanks guys.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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