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what %loss for drivtrain?

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have a 93.5 tt auto with 90,000 miles. it has FCD,intake,downpipe,exhaust,STTC, 12v fuel mod, blocked egr.

dyno said 305rwhp? :mad:

what % loss for drive train?
what gear should i test in?
what rpm max?
does this sound right?
car does low 13's!:mad:

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Post your dyno chart, and we will be able to be more helpful. Most people assume 15% for a 6-speed and probably closer to 17% for the auto. So if you have and auto and made 305rwhp then you would divide 305 by .83. This would be 367hp. My Black basic BPU Supra with an AFC made 406rwhp. It was a 6-speed so you would divide by .85. This would give it 478hp. It sounds to me like you have something wrong. You are getting knock retard at a minimum. Have you regaped your plugs, or are they stock?

Later, Steve
getting no spark retard knock and 3330 are gapped at .030. car runs smooth just can't seem to get any power. cannot boost above 14psi. i have to scan my dyno sheet and post it .do not have a scanner yet. thanks
I dynoed 281 to the wheels. So if u divide 281 by 320, you get 87.8%, so had about 12% drivetrain loss in my auto.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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