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WHAT NEXT for My Supra??

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I own 97 BlK 6Spd TT

Here is what i have

G-Force Computer
Greddy SP Exhaust (Changing to Apexi N1)
Greddy FMIC
RMM 3' Downpipe
K&N Power Air Filter (Changing to Blitz SUS)
SPI Boost Gauge
Greddy Profec B Boost Controller (Changing to Blitz DSBC)
Greddy Turbo timer (Changing to Blitz Duel Turbo T)
TRD Street Disc Clutch
Eibach Springs
Cusco Front Strut Bar

I am ordering HKS Cam Gears this week

My car put down 419 RWHP/408 RWTQ @18.7 PSI

Any Good BOV that wont cause problems??
Pulley Kits??? Underdrive???
Any other Power Adders beside Nitrous???

Dont want NOS, and will go single turbo later this year. Just want to get little stuff now to make a fast BPU car.
Thanks Guys

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Here are some suggestions:

Cam gears
Underdrive pulleys
Electric fans
EGR block off plates
Fuel dampener bypass

Rear strut bar
TRD antisway bars

If you are going to change your boost controller and turbotimer I would recommend the Blitz SBC-iD, Blitz Power Meter and Blitz Full Auto Turbo Timer. The iD meters look much nicer than the old style Blitz meters.

I wouldn't bother with a BOV for now, most single turbo kits come with their own.

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Speaking strictly on HP mods...

The first things that I would have recommended are Cam gears (I see that you already have those on order), and a fuel controller.

These are your biggest 'bang for the buck' HP mods after those you have already listed. Some people have noted as much as 30rwhp after installation and tuning of a fuel controller like the SAFC or the new HKS unit.

Then, I suppose that you could add electric fans or a lightened underdrive pulley. However, I personally would advise against installing the underdrive pulley based on discussions of the mod on the MKIV list. There have been several cases of members suffering driveline damage that was attributed to using a lightened underdrive pulley. How comfortable you are with taking that risk is a question only you can answer.

Man, it's funny. Guess that I have been around for a long time. I can remember when guys thought that breaking the 400rwhp mark with a BPU car was a big deal and there were only a handful of Single turbo cars across the country. Now, virtually everybody has their sights set on breaking at least 600rwhp+.

Good luck with your buildup!
Kelly aka KGB
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Good advice from a great guy! Nice to see you posting Kelly.

A lot of guys really like the true twin conversion setup. You might try it while you're planning your single progression.

Take Care -

John Minert

P.S. Happy New Year Flavio and Kelly!

KGB Supra said:
Speaking strictly on HP mods...
Kelly aka KGB
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