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So my car will be getting tuned here shortly and Im thinking that it should be around 550-650 range but im honestly not sure and I wanted to pick everyones brains to see.

here is the setup in question

Engine items
2jz-GE bottom end
Cometic 2.5mm HG
ARP head studs
OEM Oil pump
new front and rear oil seal
1jz-GTE head hot tanked
BC Titanium springs and retainers
BC 272 cams
polished head
OEM water pump
ATI super dampened pully
AC delete
OE oil cooler delete
Remote mount oil filter
Earls oil cooler
Setrab Ps cooler
all lines AN except vacuum
Custom power steering tank
-10 AN welded to valve cover
Moroso Oil catch can
Ebay manifold
GT3584R twin scroll DBB with billet back plate
synapse engineering 50 mm wastegate dump tube
4" downpipe to 3" duals to ASpec custom mufflers
Custom Intake to AEM dryflow filter
FIC 950 CC injectors
FIC -8 fuel rail
SS Teflon fuel line
Jegs 100 micron SS fuel filter
2x Walbro 255 fuel pumps
Mishimoto Radiator
AEM wideband
AEM oil pressure
AEM boost
AEM Serial gauge
AEM EMS 30-1100
AEM 3.5 bar boost

Transmission stuff
Soarer r154
OS GIKEN twin disk tr2cd
Solid diff mounts
solid rear subframe mounts

I am going to be running e85 with around 20-25 PSI of boost or so in a Mid mount intercooler setup.


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20-25psi seems a bit low for e85, I would guess a little over 500 at 20psi and around 650 somewhere above 30psi

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So for those wondering low boost settings are 17psi and were at a bit over 550hp high boost will be 25-28 psi and it will be tuned on high boost later.

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What intercooler is that? The fitment looks perfect.

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Here you guys go,

final numbers on low boost were 548 hp and 489 torques. that is at 17 psi and we will be pushing it to 25-28 here in a few weeks or so. the tuner is very busy and Im so glad he was able to get me in and get it taken care of.

PS got to drive the car home and ITS A BLAST!!!

HiPSI, Its a CXracing core with custom ends on it. works uber well!
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