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What sealant or gasket to use on turbo drain to pan fitting? Single setup?

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On the flat fitting that goes between the oil drain hose and the oil pan, the stock setup uses a gasket. Should I use that gasket or maybe a sealant? thanks
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I used the stock gasket with a thin coat of High Temp Silicone RTV and so far no leaks.
High Temp RTV without the gasket will work just fine.
i used just the gasket and have a small leak :(
I ditched the 1997 gasket and wen with this stuff. My buddy swears by it and used it on his supra oil pan. I have the toyota stuff on my pan and it leaks just a bit. This tuff was 10bucks but also has a presurized can, making for a great bead.
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We use the toyota gasket with toyota sealant.
I used hondabond.
ill have to add some kind of sealant to mine
ill have to add some kind of sealant to mine
Me too. I have tried two oem gaskets and they both leaked.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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