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what shall my next upgrade be...

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i currently i have a bpu (rmm downpipe, greddy bcc, greddy sp exhaust, max air intake) mkiv supra. i was thinking greddy 3 row, some titan cam gears and a tial bov. is that a good idea or is there something else i can get for like around 2gs that will make more power?

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Get a FMIC and some cam gears. or try to find some used cams and get a FMIC
I didnt see a Boost controler listed but assuming you have one. I would definately get an S-Afc to tune. And would recomend getting a methanol injection kit. You can get this stuff for around $500 and then with the money left over you can get a used Front mount.

sorry i fergot to right that i have a manual boost controller. i appreciate the advice.

thanks guys
i would stay away from meth personally.. get some used cams, some redesigned aem or titan cam gears and a fmic... maybe a small 75 shot, then be ready to go single!! btw whats keeping you from going single?
i also have a used meth kit if you really want one... its complete lmk
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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