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What should this supra do?

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I'm picking up my first supra januray 3rd. The owner hasn't drag raced it but was curious as to what kind of times and traps this car should have. It has the following mods:

Je Pistons, Crower Rods, ARP Hardware, 165 compression across all 6 Cylinders
- Ported head
- HKS 264 Cams
- AEM Tru-Time Gears
- Blitz header
- T66 Turbo, .81 AR, P-Trim, Always timed, 1 Bar of boost by 4K
- Greddy 4 row Intercooler
- 2 HKS SSQV BOV's, one pre IC, one post IC
- Greddy Type C Wastegate, Atmosphere dump
- 3 1/2" Downpipe
- 3 1/2" Midpipe
- 4" HKS Ti Exhaust
- HKS Mushroom Filter
- ATI Fluid dampener
- HKS Fuel Rail
- 850cc Siemans injectors

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Well, the Je Pistons and Crower Rods aren't needed for that setup but they can always come in handy if you decide to go with a bigger turbo or spray on top of that turbo.
With that current setup, some et streets and a really good driver. I would say, somewhere around 10.1 @ 140.
Thanks man, I was thinking somewhere in the 10's. It's putting out 652hp at 26psi. He said at 2 bar is should break 700.. I can't wait to pick the car up.
I find it hard to believe a car with thar setup has never been drag raced!!,
yeah well me too, sure it has somewhere down the line..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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