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What size tire for stock front wheels?

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I think I will go for 275/40/17 tires on the rear stock rims. But what about the fronts?

Some guys say to go no bigger than stock size on the fronts, then I have heard 245/45/17 is ok, I have also heard 245/40/17 is ok.

I did some research on and a 245/40/17 tire on the front wheel would actually be 7/10th's of an inch *smaller* in diameter than the stock size tire. A 245/45/17 on the other hand would only be about 2 or 3/10th's of an inch *larger* in diameter than the stock size tire. Seems to make sense to stick with the 245/45/17 if you are upgrading. Especially considering 275/40/17 rear tires are about 6 or 7/10th's of an inch *larger* in diameter than stock size rear tires.

Well hopefully someone will add something here. Everyone talks about upgrading the rears, but how about the fronts? Help please.

BTW I based all the sizes and #'s above off of Sumitomo HTRZII's
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Usual setup is 245/45/17's I do believe
Hey Phil,

I would go with:
245/45R17 fronts
275/40R17 rears or 265/40R17 in SO3s since they don't come in 275s.

PS. SO3's are far superior than Sumi HTRZ II's I am telling you this from 1st hand experience.

Go to this website which calculates tire sizes & height situations.
Click Here for Tire Size Calculator
Thanks for the responses fellows.. this is a topic most people seem to avoid (either that or most people on Supraforums ignore me!! :) )


Yeah.. but the Bridgestones are also $300+ more for a set! :eek:

Where did you get a ride on the SO-3's?
SO3s were on a friends (non-supra) car in VA. The were sticking pretty good.
Ordered the SO-3's.... 235/45/17 in front and 265/40/17 in rear..
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