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What size turbos with stock fuel

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i am thiking about putting on a single but do not want to add a fuel system . what would be my best bet for turbo / kit , and who should i get it from ? i have an automatic but might convert to 6 speed . lets say i keep it auto what should i get ? also what front mount can i use with stock and use with single later . thanks everyone !!!

would i have to change injectors also . ? or add twin pumps ?
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Chris Bergemann at is running a T-78 at low boost with a stock fuel setup (edit -- and a 6spd). I recommend you get ahold of him.
quick said:
Chris Bergemann at is running a T-78 at low boost with a stock fuel setup. I recommend you get ahold of him.
T-78 in an auto and on stock fuel isn't such a good idea. If you don't have plans to upgrade the fuel, I suggest a sp60 or smaller. If your keeping the auto trans I wouldn't go any larger then a sp63. A larger turbo is going to be a bitch to drive daily with an auto. Just all depends on if you can go without boost until 4k+ rpms.. ;)
I have a auto and plan on keeping the stock fuel system for awhile. But, I narrowed my choices down to either the SP-57 or SP-60 turbo kits. I'm leaning towards more the SP-60 kit, since they're the same price and come with all the same parts too. They both seem to be the best overall for autos and stock fuel system. Plus, the parts that come with those kits are top notch.

The results with either one of those kits are excellent too!!! Running 10's is my goal, once I get my single turbo kit, I'm not out to make my car a all out race car, but to make it one fun fast car to me that also looks badass too!!! I'm almost there and loving it!!:D

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