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You've probably already seen this if you're on "the list" :

When I first got the car, at around 4000 rpm I could FEEL #2 come online. Now it's hit and miss. It's not consistent. And if I downshift, oh no! Feels like no boost! But once I upshift, you can hear it spool up and go again. What the hell's going on? My setup is:
93 Supra TT stock

Here's what I wrote back after someone told me to check the egcv.

Okay. I crawled under there to test it and all I can find is one big
actuator. (Is turbo #1 up front or in the back?) Is that the wastegate or
exhaust bypass valve? Whatever it is, it won't move by vacuum or by hand.
Also, I found that you feel it pull twice in 1st but in the rest of the
gears its steady. Is that normal? I have a greddy boost gauge on order, I
think I'll wait till I get that before I further diagnose. I was looking in
the manual and it says that if your egcv is bad you have to replace the
whole turbo! Also, if all this is normal, I was looking for a BCC and
there's only one listed for the mr2. Is that the one I get?



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Yep that's the right BCC, just set it up like on and it will work fine.

If that ceramic butterfly gets messed up it could act like that a little.
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