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What turbo dudes?! A SP64, T-78, T-66... ?

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I've got a 94 TT 6spd w/ a decent amount of mods done to it just this year. I was considering selling the car this year to go to a heavily modified integra type r for scca racing, but i got to thinking thanks to ranger's remarks on a T-78, about a single turbo upgrade... I've heard the T-64 is a great upgrade, streetability wise and lag considered. My goal is ~500 rwhp or a bit less, doesn't matter. I'm also wondering what else would need to be upgraded in the car (fuel system wise, etc.) and the most competent shop to head out to for this in the midwest.
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You don't read too many of the other posts do you, or use the search function.

You don't need those big turbos to do 500rwhp or less.

Get an SP57 kit and be done with it.
Brad Mayo has put down525rwhp and 481rwtq with his SP57 with no fuel(i think).
You you bet the SP57 rox!!! Get that kit dude! You won't be disappointed. The only thing I'm worried about is hwo the SP60 fares up...any suggestions to differentiate between the two?
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