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Thinking of selling my mk3. I've spent around 14k on engine work recently and have lost motivation to continue. Currently the car runs and drives but has no ac (code 51) and has a rust on the passenger side quarter. Also recently the car has started to have problems with the power steering rack when turning all the way to the right. (ive been told that there are stoppers that could have fallen off which could explain why it only has problems turning right) Its a 4 speed auto, has 216000kms on the body and 2400 on the fresh engine. I've put new coil overs (link) done a brake job and flushed all the fluids and replaced them. The cars runs good but sometimes will idle at 500rpm when sitting after driving. I've been told its normal for mk3s because of heat soak. I've also added on a koyo radiator (link) and a mishimoto transmission cooler from raptor racing. Also has fast rc rims and tires that are about 30% left (ill check the brand in a minute) Heres some photos I'm sure I'm missing some other goodies so ill update later. Mostly just looking for a ball park of how much to sell this for. If it helps the drivetrain is still under warranty for a few months. Ill take some better photos in a minute as its pouring outside


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Found most of my receipts, here's a detailed breakdown:

Vin: JT2MA71J8K0121093

-set of balljoints for the front

-full engine rebuild by proactive automotive, pistons, headwork etc (pm for full list as it would most likely be too long)

-Set of front headlight motors that haven't been installed yet (passenger side headlight does not pop)

-New lifters and buckets

-Mishimoto transmission cooler (Transmission Cooler, fits Toyota GR Supra 3.0L, 2020+)

-Koyo rad radiator (KOYO Race MK3 Aluminum Radiator)

-Gates water pump (Gates MK3 7MGTE Water Pump)

-Hks SSQV BOV and boost pipe. (SUPER SQV | BLOW OFF | PRODUCT | HKS)


-Tein Flex Z coils ( FLEX Z - PRODUCTS)

-All new radiator hoses

-Hks boost controller

-All gaskets from yotashop (

-Brand new alternator (warrantied for 3 more years)

That's all the expensive stuff, there have been lots of small things done like replacing old trim lightbulbs etc.

The bad:

-Gas door only opens by pulling on the cable behind the quarter panel

-Taillight gasket leak

-Odometer is stuck between 2 and 3 on the 100k mark, I have no clue how that happened but I can verify that the car has 215 and not 315.

-Power steering rack may need a rebuild

-Passenger side headlight does not pop (comes with new motor that I can install)

-Needs headlights adjusted (Too low)

-stereo does not work

-Side trim is coming loose and is held on with double sided tape (could not seem to find new clips for it!)

-No horn from using detachable momo wheel

-A/C will sometimes work, when not working CEL will come on and get code 51

-Rust on passenger side quarter panel and small amount of rust behind the bumper.

-Transmissions is sweating from the front

-Coolant leak coming from top hose (Warrantied will have fixed when sold)

- Also has a tick coming from the downpipe (the gasket that goes between the turbo elbow and dp)

Also comes with complete 7mgte that is disassembled and bunch of other goodies.

I'm located in Calgary Alberta Canada

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I'd say $8-10k looking at your pix,the good and the bad. More if it was an R154.
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I’ve been seeing trash MK3s for sale in the $15k range. Not sure if its inflation or if these are just starting to be worth more. I went to look for a beater MK3 as another project that I don’t cate to make mistakes on, but could not find anything for the price that I had in my head of $4k. You should post it up for $20k and see what happens. MK3s are so hard to gauge value on.
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