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While our T-78 kits are en-route, Matt and I spent a few minutes at HPC near my home looking at their various coating options. Our plan is to have our turbo housings polished, then coated with a thermal barrier. It also happens to be a high-gloss silver appearance finish. They claim it's good up to 1300 degrees f.

We're also planning to have the downpipes and mid-pipes coated internally and externally, and the same for the exhaust manifolds. I'm also thinking about having the valve covers externally coated and then having them teflon coat the inside surfaces. All together, my bill would be around $550. Not bad, but is it worth it?

For daily drive and occasional drag racing, should we expect ever to hit 1300 degrees? I'm guessing that a road course car may hit that level, but what about our application? I'm interested in the heat prevention and aesthetic benefits, but I don't want to shell out money for coatings that will flake off or burn off.

What are your thoughts and experiences with coatings?


P.S. Their website is

Polydyn Performance Coatings
4116 Siegel Street, Houston, TX 77009
(713) 694-3296

Polydyne does performance coatings for anything you need..this includes headers, downpipes etc etc. The main mechanic who works at Don McGill toyota has an Mk4 with a T66 RPS kit. He had his whole system...including the header, intercooler piping. and the whole nine coated. I believe you can either choose from silver or gold. But they do the top notch shit that wont chip, crack, or whatever. As a matter of fact I believe it's warrantied. Give them a call. I believe they charged the guy close to 800 bucks to do everything. But believe me when i tell you that their coating is the REALLY high heat tolerating stuff.

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I've used Polydyn coating on different stuff for over 10 years
and have never had a problem. Polydyn offers a bunch of different
coatings...similar to HPC and Jet-Hot. Speak to Keith Krump
or Carl Benton (the owner).

Call me or PM if you have any questions.

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