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I went to the track last night for the first time and here are my results. I cant find the timeslips. This is all I could remember.

...1st Run..................2nd Run........
60'..........2.6 ----- 60'...............2.3
1/4..........13.8 --- 1/4.............13.4
mph.........110 ---- mph.............109

I have some 245/45/18's in the rear as well.

Mods: 19psi, dp,exhaust, intake, open atm. bov, afc(just altered the dec. air settings for bov.

Could the open atm bov be the problem? Any tips/ ideas

More driving practice :p


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It's mostly in your 60ft time. Every tenth is worth almost 2 tenths at the finish. I would say you have a 12 sec car. 104 octane works wonders for me also. I've always ran 275 street tires and can usually get 2.0 or 2.1 60 ft times. 1.9 a couple of times. I usually run 12.5 at 117 mph or 12.6 at 116 mph if I don't mess up. 245s in the back are pretty narrow. You might want to move up the next time you get new tires.

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I run 245's on the FRONT. You definately need a wider tire. Wheels should not go below stock width, ever. Make sure you are running at least 9.5 in the rear.

Your 60' times should be 2.1-1.9

Practice launching more at the track (track conditions are different than the street and you will just waste a clutch if you practice on the street). Make sure you reset your ECU before you run. Also, take out your headlight and make sure the engine is as cool as possible.

Your MPH could use some improvement. I run anywhere from 112-115 depending on humidity and temperature.

Another thing that might help your 60' is, calm down. A lot of people get nervous up there in front of a crowd. Don't worry about it, just pay attention to your RPM's.


p.s. I run 12.9 @ 113 on bald tires, bad plugs and a stock clutch with 83k miles on it, i.e. toasted clutch (O:

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I think I may have a boost leak as well (maybe a couple) I'm gonna change out all the old vacume lines with new ones, and put the stock bov back on. I will probabley get some 285's on the rear when these tires wear.

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While we're on the subject, maybe you guys could critique my runs. This was awhile back in October before the tracks started to close.

Mods: HKS intake, DP, Super Drager, DSBC @ 19 psi, pulled headlight, pump gas. Street tires, street pressure, 245/40 front 265/40 rear Toyo Proxes T1-S.

1st run:
60': 2.25
1/8th: 8.55
1/4: 12.95 @ 110.27

2nd run, reset ECU, cooled down for ~40 mins waiting in line:
60': 2.46
1/8th: 8.73
1/4: 13.08 @ 114.56

I know my 60-foots are piss poor and I need to work on that. I think the trap speed on the 2nd run is decent for pump gas. I just noticed that my 1/8th mile time was worse in the 2nd run yet I trapped higher . . . does that seem odd?

I should be both quicker and faster with the incoming GReddy 3-row and some race gas right?
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