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I wanted to find out what’s this community’s opinion about aftermarket exhaust brands like MangaFlow, Fi EXHAUST, AKRAPOVIC, REMUS and others for the newest Toyota Supra 2020?

MagnaFlow Supra 2020 exhaust is part of their xMOD series, which allows for more sound configurations using various exhaust modules. And it’s said to contribute 4 HP gain over stock and 14 HP with additional modifications. This would mean you’d need to go a shop if you wanted to switch to a racing exhaust sound profile. How convenient would that be? While MagnaFlow provides a modular cat-back exhaust, brands like Frequency Intelligent Exhaust aka Fi EXHAUST, Akrapovic and REMUS performance exhaust offer exhaust systems with built in quiet and sporty sound modes. The quiet and sporty modes can be controlled with a remote controller or a smartphone app. And Fi EXHAUST is boasting 22 HP gain over stock without additional tuning. And I have not seen other brands offering as much tip personalization as Fi EXHAUST. Lastly, Akrapovic is the only mentioned brand that makes their exhaust out of a titanium that could add interesting exhaust notes to the sound profile.

Most importantly what do you think of the each exhaust brand's sound for Supra MK5? And what other brands did I not cover? What's you favorite?

TJ Hunt Supra 2020 with MagnaFlow modular exhaust system:

TheStradman Supra 2020 with Fi EXHAUST valvetronic exhaust system:

Akrapovic titanium exhaust system:

Premium Auto Styling with REMUS exhaust:

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