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What's this? A Majestic MA9400SW Amp? Now What?

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Ok, this is what happened. I was about to take the truck out for a spin, and took a glance under the bench (I dunno why, just did). And guess what I find...a Majestic MA9400SW 200W X 2 channel, bridgeable amp! :eek: We bought the truck ('91 Chevy 3500 Silverado Dually) used from a close friend. We've had it for two years, and we've never noticed!

So, what do I have here? Anything worth keeping? Or selling (how much can I get for it)? What options do I have? To me, it looks as though this amp has got to be pretty old and "primitive" compared to amps made these days. I don't know much about amps and things (just learning), do I have to bridge it with an identical amp? Approximately how much power will I get out of it (bridged and not bridged)? I always get wattage mixed up with bridging and channels.

By the way, I will probably take the amp out of the truck and put it into my car since the truck isn't driven much. I can't believe we've had it all this time, and I'm curious if it's worth using. I'm not sure if it's do I test it? Please, tell me anything you know about this amp...perhaps my uprade will start earlier than planned! :) Or, should I junk/sell it to get an amp worth hooking up.

You guys, I really appreciate your help. I gotta love you guys out here on the forums!

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