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what's up with

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When i go to i get a page with a church on it telling me to click on a church door to enter... no more supra content... plus i haven't received any posts on the mailing list for several days... anyone know what's up??? its like the domain registration expired or something...

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press F5 or other refresh botton.

Same here

I don't know whats up but I am getting the same thing. Church with <click on door> to enter. Not looking to find god, Just tying to make my Supra better.

Thought it was a DNS failure, I am resolving to Does work for anyone? If it works for you what IP are you resolving?

got same problem.. church.. also no other postings in their yahoo forums
nope.. does not work just fine.. "the page cannot be found" shit..
WTF is with that church? Some christian hackers or what?!
I'm pissed
Wait a few days... i posted a while ago, along with like 8 other people about this. They're moving to a new server and should be back soon.

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