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Whats with this? Just cant get traction?.....

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Finding it hard to get traction when nailing it from 3k rpm with a launch spinning and fishtailing out of 1st and second. Do you think my tires are not upto it? I have dunlop SP8000 255/40/ZR17 all around.
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Are you getting wheel hop?

255s ain't shit dude.

You need at least 275s on the rear. Try a different tire with a softer compound.
I have 255s on my M3 and have a little over half the horsepower you put out and they don't stick THAT well. Go get some wide ass tires.
275s aren't even good enough for some brands. I am gonna try 285s next time. BTW, most people will agree that a Supra is better balanced with larger tires in the rear, at least 20mm more than the front. I would get at least get 285s.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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