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I need some help figuring whats wrong with my car. I opened up my intercooler hose by the intake manifold and there was some traces of oil in the pipes and drips of oil bu the throttle body. I changed the PCV valve already and it didnt do anything. I am still able to make full boost. My car lets out blueish smoke when my turbo begins to boost when it is hitting around 1 psi and does it whenever its boosting? Is it my turbos. My car has 62k miles on it now. I really need help figuring out whats wrong. If this helps my mods:
Apex Intake
Tanabe Downpipe
Apex GT Spec
Greddy BCC
Spi Boost Gauge
Thanks for any help!

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valve stem seals usualy smoke on start up in the am and also when the car is at a light and then pulling away. If he is getting smoke with boost it is probably the turbo seals. Sorry but I would get them pulled and resealed it is an expensive job unfortunatly.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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