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something is wrong with the way my car accelerates. the power band is not smooth like it used to be. under full throttle, it starts out fine. but right around 2800 rpms it starts hesitating. then about 4200 rpms it kicks back in to where it seems normal. it's completely instantaneous too. the second it hits 4200 it takes off hard again. make sense? any idea what the problem might be?
thanks for any help. it's greatly appreciated.

'93 N/A auto, BTW

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hope this helps you.

Go through a check list of things until it runs like it should. my car was running like crap until i fixed a few things now it runs faster than ever, now i can beat my friends moded wrx impreza, check your spark plugs, feul injectors, make sure the seals for the injectors are ok, spark plug wires check your distributer for leaking oil on your wires, get a fuel induction cleaning system done i think its like 99 bucks. make sure your cats arent getting clogged, good luck.:D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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