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I have lowered my supra with a Tein Flex suspension (I love it)and the wheel aligment.
in the aligment shop they say " we can not put totally vertical the wheels because the caster and camber changing."
I was studing the suspesion system and I don´t understand way they can not put it correctly because the lower arm have a lot of possibilitys to adjust it.
and if I put the wheel totally vertical or upright the camber or caster can be very bad think or in bad possition to work well the wheel????
I have been talking with Bob Grieger they have the same.....

I like when the totally wheel is touching the groud.

anybody with the same problem and thought?.

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How much are you lowered?

If you go anything past about 2", even if you manage to get the static alignment right, the geometry will be all messed up anyway, so when the suspension moves, things will not be pretty no matter what.

Even Turbo-A's aren't lowered much, most likely because of this reason (their suspension is the same as ours).

That aside, caster doesn't change the handling characteristics very much at all, so I'd forsake it to get the camber right.

The stiffer your springs/shocks, the less the suspension moves, so you can get away with having some specs more out of whack.

Errr, did that help any? If you lower it about 2", you should be able to align everything to factory specs without problems, and then make changes from there, to suit the handling you're after.

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my car it´s lowered at the Tein owners book recommend.
90 m.m. road claerance.
in my case the front have -1.20° off fall and 2.27° rear
the other parametres are like stock

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I know if I rise up the car....back to stock....I know I know
needs some test to know the behavior of the car with diferent setups
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