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Which wheel and tire option?

  • Stock rims and sizes

    Votes: 1 14.3%
  • Stock rims with 255/40 fronts and 275/40 rears

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • 18s with 235/40 fronts and 265/35 rears

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • 18s with 265/35 fronts and 285/30 rears

    Votes: 4 57.1%
  • 17s with 275/40 fronts and 315/35 rears

    Votes: 2 28.6%

Wheel And Tire Questions

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I have a stock '94 TT 6-speed, 46k miles. Black/Ivory purchased new 11/94.
Now it is time for new tires. A few options:
  1. Stock tires on stock rims. I would use Bridgestone S03s and probably have the rims refinished.
  2. Larger tires on stock rims. 255/40-17 front, 275/40-17 rear with the speedometer out of wack from the height increase.
  3. 18" rims with stock width tires. 235/40-18 fronts and 265-35-18 rears. The only advantage seems to be a lower cost for the rims, 18x8.5 front, 18x9.5 rear and fewer issues with offset.
  4. 18" rims with larger tires. 265/35-18 front and 285/30-18 rear. Again I would use Bridgestone S03s. The brand options with a 295 rear are limited. But this combo requires precise and rare (or rather expensive) wheel offsets to fit.
  5. 17" rims with really large tires. Powerhouse lists rims that can fit a 315/35-17 rear, presumably with a rolled lip. With a 275/40-17 front this combo would have equal front/rear height and require a shock/spring that would allow some lowering.
    [/list=1] Some other background Info
    1. I don't race this car and haven't even autocrossed or drag raced it. I do have a late model stock car for my racing. I also have an S2000 which both autocrossed and drag raced. With anything other than stock rims and race tires this car would be in a street prepared or modified class and autocrossing would be just for fun.
    2. I use it on the streets for commuting, and really don't want a bone cruncher ride. Those streets are in Northern NJ and NYC and frequently leave a lot to be desired.
    3. I am nearly always burying my foot in first, second, and third, traction light often flashing. It also gets a little twitchy now and then. I would like the tires to raise the limits.
    4. The car came with MXX3s.
    5. No engine mods yet. But I may make some simple exhaust and boost changes.
    6. I considered getting a Z06 (in addition) but my wife won't let me.[/list=1] Now for the questions:
      1. Which tire option do you think is right?
      2. Which wheel if option 4? I am leaning toward the SSR GT-3 from Tire Rack (if the offsets fit) otherwise Blitz 03s for $500 more. Other recommendations?
      3. With options 2, 4, and 5, what offsets are needed for this stuff to fit?[/list=1] Thanks,
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You may want to consider the SSR GPO Decolte Evolutions. They come in the right sizes and offsets for out car and several people (including myself) use them on the Supra. I would recommend the 18x9.5" 50mm offset with a 265/35R18 front and 18x10.5" 55mm offset with a 295/30R18 (or 285/30R18) rear. This can be done with no modifications to the car. These wheel can be had for about $650ea. There is a picture of this setup in my sig. You could also run a 275 on a 10" wheel in the front and a 295 on a 11" wheel in the rear with very little mods with this same SSR.

Later, Steve
Where do you get them?
Eurosports 808-545-1658 Ask to speak to Jeff. They are in Hawaii so the time difference in mind. Jeff will be out until Friday. You can use the pricind on the Rod Millen website.

Rod Millen SSR pricing

Sorry, but I had a mistake in the earlier e-mail. The 275/35 will fit on the front on the 18x9.5" (or an 18x10"), but SSR doesn't offer an 18x10" wheel that will work on the front.

Later, Steve
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