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Wheel for 315 BFGs

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I'm looking for a inexpensive route to running 315 BFGs at the track. I'm thinking about running them on the stock wheels just for the 1/4 mile... What inexpensive wheel would be recommended as an alternative? 17x11s that are inexpensive and will fit with some fender shaving or rolling. Any suggestions?

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I'm curious as well. I saw some on a stock wheel this weekend. Looks like they were pushing the limit of 9.5in. They did look nice and beefy.

I was told you could make the stock wheel wider?


Inexpensive 11" wheels? Sorry, you will need to pick one. :) You can have 11" or inexpensive, but you can't have both.

Another member is actually working with an idea that would give us 11" wheel for about $345 ea.

Later, Steve
I'm mostly looking for an alternative to a $700 bill for widening the rears...just seems a little much! For that much I just assume buy different wheels and be done. :)

I've been looking on web sites and I can't find 17s that wide, except for the forgelines and a few other high dollar wheels.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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