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wheel lock problem...

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my friend bought a supra that had a wheel lock on the rims...the problem is he doesn't have the key for it so he can't take it off...does anybody know if there's a way to take it off?? maybe go to some shop or something?? please help...
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2 options

1. If they are Toyota wheels with Toyota locks...go to
your local dealer. Most Service departments have a master
set of keys and can remove the locks...for a fee.

2. Air hammer.......or flaming hacksaw:eek:

Yeah.....Take it up to discount tire, or do what I did, Just get a spark plug socket and wrench that you don't think you'll use much. Put the socket on the lock and beat it onto the wheel lock until it is pretty snug. Then just loosen it with the wrench. Might take a couple tries but it will get them off.
hey thanks a lot guys,
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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