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Has anyone looked into really light racing wheels. I know the TE37s are about 17 for a 18X9.5, but is there anything lighter? I had a chance to pick up a wheel and tire off of an F-1, and damn are they light! Just curious if BBS (or anybody) makes a wheel like that for the dawg. The wheels I have now are 21lb for a 18X10, but I want lighter! What does a wheel off of a 360 modena weigh? I am sure they will not fit, but curiousity is killing me.


Andy - great link to the wheel info!

Daniel - Beware of really light wheels, especially for street driving. Even a well built light wheel is not as strong as an average build heavier wheel. The Supra is a heavy car - really light wheels may not be the best way to go.

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