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Hey guys, anyone know how to fix this issue with bolts? I believe these were supposed to be m6 bolts or similar, however mine are a mix of bolts and self tapping screws (mostly self tapping screws). I think the previous owner used screws that are slightly larger than m6s so some of the holes don't tighten :(
I'm trying to replace them and secure the plastics, you can see some placed in the photo (yes they aren't tightened down, it's so I can adjust plastic as I put the bolts in).

Am I wrong? Are they supposed to be self tapping?
Does anyone know the actual bolts needed? Also, since some of the holes are different (larger sizes) how can I work around this issue? I'm not sure if larger bolts will work, I also don't want to have mismatching bolts. There should be a way to wrap the bolts in something to make it fit in, or some plastic cover they are put into but I don't know

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