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hi all , i just have a 2 questions, i seen an add 911 turbo 3.6 rims, just wondering i'm not sure seen a supra with C2 rims, will Porsche rims fit in the surpa ?
and about the brakes "pads" of the Supra NA would it fit in the Supra turbo ?
Here is the rim pic
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A Porsche has a 5-130 lug pattern and a the Supra has a 5-114.3. They will not fit.

If you just want that look, you could get the DP Motorsports Carrera Cup wheel or the Kinesis Super Cup cast wheel.

Later, Steve
thanks Steve you always been nice to me
anyway can you give me a link or any info in ordering those rims ?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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