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I have a '97 (OBDII) and I'm trying to get rid of the check engine light. I've got some 1k ohm -1/4 watt resistors from Radio Shack Thank Dennis and Andi for all your help!) to plug into them.

A simple explanation of their approximate location would be great. Any diagram online or otherwise would be even better.

Also, I know I probably hould solder these resistors on, but I don't have a soldering iron. Could I juts insert them and use some electrical tape?


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vsv (for egr) = near the "5th piston" and just to the right of it
vsv (for evap) = just a hair to the right of the vsv for the egr
vsv (for exhaust bypass valve) also neat the "5th piston" position of the enging block just tot the left
vsv (for fuel Pressure up) near the vsv's for egr and evap - just below them @ ~ piston 3 or so (general area)
vsv (for Intake Air Controll Valve) just a hair to the right of vsv for Exhaust Bypass -

i have a wiring diagram (manual) sorry i can't get the pic up - but iif you have anymore Q's on where they are - let me know - email me - whatever

-never actuall found them just looking in my manual
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