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Hey guys, I finally picked up my white 97 MKIV in LA, and I must say, its CLEAN,almost perfect. Where can I find some aftermarket partsfor it in the Bay, who would have the parts IN STOCK, without ordering times? Preferably a place which specializes in Supras. Iknow of Modacar, but anymore suggestions? Remember,im looking for parts,not tuners.Thanks.

My friend went over to Turbohoses in Dublin today.

They are mainly a silicone hose/intercooler piping specialists but they also design parts for numerous car makes.
I knew that had a few things they were working on for the Supras, but he told me that had one on the rack that they were taking apart.
From what it looked like, they were finishing up some blinging exhaust systems, intake, single turbo kit with a serious custom turbo manifold.
They also have a load control dyno that due there this month.

Wouldn't hurt to contact them.


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Twin_turbo_mk3 said:
he he he you must really love that place...
Haha I was about to say the same thing.

How old are you? Campbell Auto

Where do you get your hair cut? Campbell Auto

Groceries? Campbell Auto

Who do I go to? Campbell Auto

Taxes too? Campbell Auto

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