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Where can i get MKII body kits?

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hey! I live in australia and finding MKII's is kinda rare here they have MKIII's +

i'm new to the forum and i've got a 85 MKII i was wondering if any one knows where i can get some body kits? and bonnet scoops etc? thanks heaps :)

- Sammy!

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This is the only site I could come across that had a kit for the MKII, but then again I found it by accident. They only have 1 choice.
What part of Australia are you from? I know a place in Brisbane that can supply body kits for a Mk2. I was over there a couple of weeks ago and they tried to sell one to me, but since 99% of bodykits are totally gay I told them I wasn't interested. IMO the Mk2 looks great just how it is.
i'm in perth :)

I was either gonna import one from
or just get a custom body get made for me :)

how much would it cost for a custom body kit :) with say mmmm 2 lil spot lights on front spoiler ? :)

- sammy
I found one at

Jeck out their supra section. This is also the only place I've seen them list it as a Supra GT (which doesn't exist)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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